To adopt an entire operation – OKEA case study


Month: August 2021

"OKEA is well on its way to establishing a version of its digital corporate truth and iO Surface is a central piece in the information architecture that forms the basis for this success.iO-Data's platform reinforces OKEA's ability to take ownership of its own data and make it easily accessible both internally and externally.“

Bjørn-Ovin Wivestad IT Manager, OKEA

The situation

Okea bought Draugen from Norske Shell AS and became the operator in December 2018 The Draugen field was discovered in 1984 and has been producing since 1993 Different types of data have been collected over the years:
  • Seismic and well data on magnetic tape in different formats
  • Digital seismic data in various formats.
  • Physical data from several different locations (core samples, gas samples, oil samples, thin sand, plug freezing samples, etc.)
  • Physical unstructured data in different formats (documents, binders, technical drawings, maps, logs)
  • Digital data in various formats (pdf files, video files, images, etc.)
  • The Challenge

    Finding a storage solution where all data can be archived in a safe way, at a reasonable price, while all data is available for efficient use

    The solution and the difference

    The supplier of the storage solution also had to be able to assist with handling the following challenges that OKEA had Large amounts of data accumulated over many years.

    Challenging to get an overview of data and difficult to trace where data was actually stored. Understand and define which data is already digitized and which is physical. Which data is already available and possible to use Understand what the physical data looks like.

    Understand and map data stored on magnetic tape. Index, barcode and organize all data, and introduce full traceability on all archive objects.

    iO Data had the opportunity to review OKEA's situation. With the help of our own software: iO Archive and iO Surface, as well as an iO Crawler that was installed across all archives employees can now search through both physical and digital archives, regardless of where the original document is located and regardless of what format it is in.

    Note that the customer can freely choose to connect any tool, data, storage or format type they want. Thus, old and new data can seamlessly flow freely across different needs, desired type of software and type of storage, in addition to making everything clear and easy to use:

    Everyone has their own unique situation, plans and opportunities: With us, you get a platform that frees you from key people, software, suppliers, expensive agreements or makes you dependent on special expertise: You get the freedom to choose how you want to tackle future challenges in the way that is best for your company.

    - with iO Data you take back control. Want to know exactly what this would look like for your specific situation?

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