iO Data and Sopra Steria

iO Data and Sopra Steria

A forward-looking approach to customer success

iO Data and Sopra Steria have joined forces to revolutionize working methods and reduce costs for Sopra Steria’s customers. This partnership has resulted in significant benefits, including leaner cost structures, reduced time consumption and simplification of operational tasks, which have helped make everyday work more efficient for employees at customers.

The collaboration contributes to the businesses becoming more flexible and better equipped for the future, regardless of the challenges.


Sopra Steria has extensive experience in delivering and managing complex IT projects for its customers. Over time, many companies may have built up IT infrastructures, systems and processes that result in increased costs, resource use and time consumption to carry out both simple and critical tasks – both in the short and long term.

  • A company’s data includes both critical data for daily operations and sporadically used data that must nevertheless be available at short notice.
  • It also includes data that is not actively used, but that must be stored for future projects or to comply with statutory storage requirements.
  • It can also involve documents, soil samples, biological/chemical samples, drawings and digital data.

Solutions implemented by Sopra Steria and iO Data

Sopra Steria and iO Data have collaborated to identify and implement solutions that take care of all these types of data. We can mention the consolidation and reduction of servers, cloud-based solutions and software.

Digital data is often spread over several platforms and in various formats, and requires specialized expertise and tools that are not always optimal.
Sopra Steria has the expertise to collect, migrate and convert this data into more efficient and cost-saving solutions.

We also have solutions for Sharepoint users so that the number of Sharepoint pages is reduced while the work processes remain unchanged. This has resulted in significant cost savings without affecting the users’ experience.

Complementary expertise

Sopra Steria’s expertise, combined with iO Data’s support, gives businesses with large amounts of data the opportunity to evaluate the current situation and make informed decisions for the future. We can help ensure that extensive data resources can be used without unnecessary costs and resource use.

"Our collaboration with iO Data and our combined expertise benefit our customers. Regardless of the challenges we face, we have been able to rely on iO Data when our customers' data must be handled in an efficient manner"


The collaboration between iO Data and Sopra Steria shows how specialized companies can use innovative solutions and effective strategies to manage extensive data resources for the customer. We put our customers’ needs first by simplifying work processes and reducing costs, and prepare them for the future with increased flexibility and adaptability.

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