Embracing data

We have created best in class processes, workflows, technology and strategies for companies to control, manage and ultimately embrace their data for their future financial and operational goals and digital success stories.

Control. Impact. Growth


The first thing we deliver is Control. With us complex systems, legacy tech, slow and cumbersome processes becomes easy to spot and understand.


With control decisions becomes easy. Working with us you'll get the full picture and context of your data and from there making the right choice for your future strategic goals becomes evident, clear and easy to tackle.


Whatever path you chose, or the world forces upon your company, with iO Data you have full freedom to optimize for anything: Reduce cost, explore digital tools, become less dependent on consultants or niche software, while at the same time easily optimize internal and external workflows.

We deliver the optimal experience, knowledge and technology for your company to detach from old, weird, complex and chatic mass of data to embracing your own digital future with more control less cost and perfect digital adaptability

With our knowledge and tech you can create your own foundation for your future digital success

Supporting tech

iO archive

Access to all your data in one search. Easy, intuitive and fast management of any type of data. All in one interface.

iO Surface

Interactive map solution for multi-location data hubs. Manage, control and access data through our best in class map interface

Sharepoint archiver

Detach from all your sharepoint sites without changing workflow, access and interoperability. identical workflow and access, for less cost.