iO Data gives you the tools and knowledge to turn your data into assets for financial, operational and strategic gain

Embracing Data . Control your future

We have extensive experience with handling large amounts of almost any type of data. From physical to any digital format, we ensure any information is organized, labeled, indexed and stored in a way that gives you choice..

> A Choice in the way you can use your data

> A Choice in the way you store your data

> A Choice in the way you secure your data

> A Choice as to whom has access to what

> A Choice in the way you can utilize data in the future

> A Choice in how you handle costs and resources towards maintaining and using your data

We work for our customers success both directly and through our partners


How we serve

We have all the knowledge, experience and equipment needed to control and securely store physical and digital objects, files, samples, documents, images, video or any other type of data in any format

What makes us unique

Is that our technology, knowledge and processes allows you to have your data available in a simple "google search" from day one, without anything being digitized yet. We digitize and deliver data only when you need it. This is how you cut costs, and make the interaction between old and new systems and routines seamless.

Who we serve

Our customers is anyone that want to regain control and start leveraging their data and information for growth.

For our partners and customers the end results is always the same: Overview, control and easy management of their current and future data pool allows for reduced budgets, faster and easier operational control.

Lastly, the opportunity to transform what once was a burden in to a valuable asset.

With us you can build and exploit your data to stay flexible and ahead of the curve regardless of what future challenges your organization will be facing.

Embracing data

We're here to get you back in control