Why iO Data

Why companies and organizations chose us

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What makes us the top choice for customers is our ability to understand and adjust to our clients needs. Be it financial, technical, operational or practical we will find a solution. Our experience, products and knowledge turns insurmountable projects in to a systemized, effective and easily controlled process.

The aha-moment

After finalizing a project, customers and partners are happy and eager to keep working with us.


Cause suddenly ideas, opportunities and new ways of thinking is accessible through our solutions, products and strategies. All of this while costs and resources needed was massively reduced. More often than not, going though a process with us is our best marketing tool, cause then you as our partner can see for yourself how effectively and securely you can reduce budgets, gain control and move forward with an array of options and opportunities you'd never thought possible.

What once was a burden on your organization and structural flexibility is now an asset for strategic opportunity for the future.

Embracing data - with iO Data

Our background

Our team consists of highly skilled people with an exceptional range of experience in relation to data, technicals, storage, logistics, data strategy, management and security

Our tech and solutions

Throughout our journey in data storage and strategy we have built our own range of products to handle any type of data in any format (digital or physical)