iO Surface

Visuals + accuracy = your efficency

iO Surface is a map-based web interface that enables a direct display and interact with of any type of online and offline data.

Everything in one place. Instantly

Search, order or download data immediately. The solution gives you endless and easy ways to integrate with other systems, software or data, internal or external. Now you can consolidate as much information as possible in one place. This means that you as a user will have all the necessary data from all sources available via one search and map interface.

View video and images directly in the map reader

Visualize NPD or DISKOS data as separate layers, directly in the service

Consolidate data from internal, external, online or offline sources

Work faster easier and with more control

You can use predefined or custom filters and easily find information about where the data is located. Thus, you have a much more efficient way of working with complex data, because you avoid having to search through multiple interfaces in different places.