Secure Storage and Shredding

Secure Storage

We offer safe storage of data in trusted environments that includes access control, alarm systems, temperature and humidity control and fire detectors with a direct line to the fire brigade. We serve our clients with secure and reliable access to data store both offline and online according to applicable laws and regulations. Clients will have the opportunity to store their physical data (master & safety set) in two separate storage locations which eliminate the risks in case of sudden unpredicted disasters. Our digital data center holds the highest quality when it comes to both hardware and security features. Your data should always be safe with us!

Secure Shredding

We perform secure shredding of documents and all sorts of magnetic and optical media which is conducted in an environmentally friendly way. iO Data can also support you with an archive audit to uncover what materials you have that can be destroyed. This will also reduce your storage cost and save valuable office space.

Digitizing and Vectorizing

We scan your paper documents, technical drawings and well logs. All scanning is performed using OCR treatment. Vectorized graphics does not use pixels; it has a structure that allows you to zoom without loss of quality. We can perform QC on the vectorized drawings by an AutoCAD operator before it is shipped on to you for further use.

Geophysical Data Service

Extraction and conversion of geological and geophysical data

Historical seismic data is essential to, e.g., observe reservoir depletion during production and identify areas where there are barriers to flow that may not be efficiently detectable in conventional seismic. Long-term preservation of historic seismic data will be necessary for future exploration and understanding of the reservoirs.

Since the first acquisitions of seismic data were collected, many new formats and new technologies have been adopted. And much of the data lies still in the original media from the time when surveyed. As the mountain of data grows and as time passes on the oxide on magnetic media starts to decay and become unreadable. Loss of valuable raw data and critical knowledge can result in expensive new exploration projects or closure of fields with untapped resources.

iO Data can read all geodata formats:

  • Navigation data
  • Processed data
  • Raw field data
  • Any linked and related technical information
  • Live reservior monitoring data
  • Well data

We can then output to any media or a cloud solution connected to a geographic information system (GIS). Included in the service are options to convert and quality control all new and old formats:

  • SEG-A, B & C (multiplexed)
  • SEGY (all revisions, including 2.0)
  • SEGD (all revisions, including 3.1)
  • UKOOA and OGP (all revisions)

As part of the remastering (e.g., from legacy tape media) quality control and reformatting can easily be performed. The data can at the same time be included to cloud solutions with GIS interface, loaded into seismic tools.

Oil and gas exploration is all about access to as much information as possible. Making sure all information gathered is kept easily accessible in a usable format can save companies from expensive re-shoots and misinterpretations due to lack of or inadequate data.

iO Data can extract, restore and convert data from all types of data media

The exponential growth of information in the world is fueled by new technology to meet the ever-increasing need for storage capacity. This leaves in its track a lot of relevant information on various systems, and media carriers that either deteriorate or applications to read and extract is decommissioned.

Storage media (like hard disks, optical disks, and magnetic tape) may physically last a long time, but the denser and more advanced they become; the more challenging it will be to retrieve data as time passes. New solutions often replace robotic tape drives, disk arrays, NAS, backup software, etc. and the cost of converting or maintain operation of legacy systems is high.

iO Data can extract, restore and convert data from all types of data media:

  • IBM 3480/3490, 3590, 3592
  • DAT, QIC, SSD/HDD, CD/DVD, 3½/5¼ Floppy

ARCserve, NetBackup, Backup exec, Microsoft backup, Backup express, Retrospect, CommVault, CPio, Data Protector, Tivoli, Dump, Ultra Bac, Letago, Unix backup

The data can then be hosted on a secure cloud solution, loaded into your new GIS based archiving system or output to modern magnetic media for long-term protection and storage.

Backup solution

Create a safe copy of your critical and valuable data offline. Safe, reliable and cost-effective.
Many individuals store their data only on their computer at home, and perhaps some are uploaded to the external cloud, but we hear more and more instances of cunning hackers or ransomware. All types of data in poor solutions remain at risk.

Your data can be delivered to us on magnetic, optical media, or directly uploaded to our secure cloud. Your data will be stored offline which eliminates ransomware or any other attempt to compromise your data.