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iO Surface is a GIS-based web interface that enables a direct view of your online and offline data. Search, order or download data instantly through this modern application. The solution brings you endless possibilities to integrate with other systems, internal or external so that you can consolidate as much information as possible in one place. It could contain seismic data, well data, cores (including pictures of the cores), fluid samples, logs, reports, subsea and topside inspection videos from ROV’s and drones. The videos can be displayed directly in the map viewer. Furthermore, iO Surface can show the NPD and DISKOS data as separate layers in the front-end. Seismic data and other digital data stored internally at client premises could also be included and searchable. This means that the user will have all data from all sources available through one map interface, use predefined or customized filters and find information about where the data is stored. This represents an improved and efficient way of working with complex data, without having to search through several interfaces and different locations.


Over the next ten years we will see a transformation of most industries as digital innovation will give companies who invest a competitive advantage. Big data analytics and digitization can drive quantum leaps in performance for early implementers.¹

In the Oil and Gas industries alone, it is expected that digitizing, more automation, advanced analytics and modeling can be worth $1.6 to 2.5 trillion² to the industry. There is still untapped potential in investment in increased digital asset life cycle management and circular collaboration ecosystems.

With our business and technology experience, iO Data helps companies close the gap between legacy information carriers, lack of data structure and modern information management systems. Through innovation and understanding your data we can help you digitize your business.

1 – 2016 Global Industry 4.0 Survey (PwC).
2 – Source Digital Transformation Initiative: Oil and Gas Industry and World Economic Forum/Accenture analysis.


iO Archive is a flexible archiving system which allows you to view, track, search and order your data. Your company assets can be hosted internal, external, offline or online. The system allows you to import various data, ranging from office files, reports and full database exports from legacy record management systems.


All solutions are provided as a web application available on modern devices supporting HTML5. The interface is built upon Material Design by Google, a visual language that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation of technology and science. Authentication is provided using JSON Web Tokens and data is transferred using RESTful APIs.

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