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«The most valuable for us is the digitizing on-demand solution that iO Data provides. Large amounts of our data are not in use regularly, but when we need it; we need it fast!

iO Data solves this at the same time as we reduce our cost and work more effectively – that’s a win for us!”

“Predictable costs are a very important element for our clients.
iO Data is a natural choice as the solution they deliver makes digitizing of documents or parts of the archives possible only when needed. This simplify cost management and makes it easy for us to relate to.”
“iO Software has increased our knowledge of internal data and provided us with instant access to all our data from the NCS. The intake project and regular retrieval of data is efficient. We are very pleased with the services, deliveries and respond times from iO Data.”

«We experienced that some of our clients had large amounts of data, this data was often very old and had become difficult to keep track of through the years.

We contacted iO Data who, after a short period of time, provided us with easy access and great overview of the archive. We saved cost at the same time as we could focus on delivering the services and regular tasks that are part of our business. Great work!”

“iO Data AS was awarded the task of digitizing our entire HR archive consisting of more than 2300 personnel folders, comprising more than 100.000 pages. The scope of the project included sorting, preparation, scanning and quality control, before uploading the digital files to our Content Server. We are very pleased with the good cooperation with iO Data, delivering a high service level and quality standard on time.”



iO Surface is a GIS-based web interface that enables a direct view of your online and offline data. Search, order or download data instantly through this modern application. The solution brings you endless possibilities to integrate with other systems, internal or external so that you can consolidate as much information as possible in one place. It could contain seismic data, well data, cores (including pictures of the cores), fluid samples, logs, reports, subsea and topside inspection videos from ROV’s and drones. The videos can be displayed directly in the map viewer. Furthermore, iO Surface can show the NPD and DISKOS data as separate layers in the front-end. Seismic data and other digital data stored internally at client premises could also be included and searchable. This means that the user will have all data from all sources available through one map interface, use predefined or customized filters and find information about where the data is stored. This represents an improved and efficient way of working with complex data, without having to search through several interfaces and different locations.


Over the next ten years we will see a transformation of most industries as digital innovation will give companies who invest a competitive advantage. Big data analytics and digitization can drive quantum leaps in performance for early implementers.¹

In the Oil and Gas industries alone, it is expected that digitizing, more automation, advanced analytics and modeling can be worth $1.6 to 2.5 trillion² to the industry. There is still untapped potential in investment in increased digital asset life cycle management and circular collaboration ecosystems.

With our business and technology experience, iO Data helps companies close the gap between legacy information carriers, lack of data structure and modern information management systems. Through innovation and understanding your data we can help you digitize your business.

1 – 2016 Global Industry 4.0 Survey (PwC).
2 – Source Digital Transformation Initiative: Oil and Gas Industry and World Economic Forum/Accenture analysis.


iO Archive is a flexible archiving system which allows you to view, track, search and order your data. Your company assets can be hosted internal, external, offline or online. The system allows you to import various data, ranging from office files, reports and full database exports from legacy record management systems.


All solutions are provided as a web application available on modern devices supporting HTML5. The interface is built upon Material Design by Google, a visual language that synthesizes the classic principles of good design with the innovation of technology and science. Authentication is provided using JSON Web Tokens and data is transferred using RESTful APIs.

“Photo by material.io”




We offer safe storage of data in trusted environments that includes access control, alarm systems, temperature and humidity control and fire detectors with a direct line to the fire brigade. We serve our clients with secure and reliable access to data stored both offline and online according to applicable laws and regulations. Clients will have the opportunity to store their physical data (master & safety set) in two separate storage locations which eliminate the risks in case of sudden unpredicted disasters. Our digital data center holds the highest quality when it comes to both hardware and security features. Your data should always be safe with us!


We perform secure shredding of documents and all sorts of magnetic and optical media which is conducted in an environmentally friendly way. iO Data can also support you with an archive audit to uncover what materials you have that can be destroyed. This will also reduce your storage cost and save valuable office space.

iO Data has been approved by the Norwegian Police Directorate (Politidirektoratet) to request exhaustive and extended certificate from the police for all who are to be employed in activities that safeguard archive management and information security systems for public and private companies.

Law reference: Politiregisterforskriften § 34-9


We offer high-quality scanning and cataloguing services for observers logs, reports, well logs, seismic sections and maps. We have a variety of scanning equipment and can scan small format and wide format documents of any length to produce output in any standard format. Our optical character recognition (OCR) services improve the usability of documents such as tables and core analysis data. To increase the value of exploration files, we add vector data to the image files of well logs, maps and seismic sections.


We are experienced with vectorizing shot point maps, cartographic data and satellite images. Our processes include correcting existing map data. We provide output in standard ASCII, ARC shape and P1/190 files (shot point maps).


We use OvationData’s Diplomat Wellman software to perform data vectorizing on the digital images of well logs. With our technical knowledge of well log data, we offer manual curve tracking to supplement our software's automatic curve tracking for difficult logs. Advanced image manipulation routines ensure that the image is optimised for the tracking algorithms. The vectorizing process includes the ability to depth match curves, de-spike sonic curves, splice curves to produce a composite log and other curve manipulation functions.
Our well log services include vectorizing dipmeter (tadpole) data, formation tops and lithology columns.


Vectorizing seismic sections reconstruct the SEGY information suitably for re-processing and loading to interpretation workstations for re-evaluation using modern techniques. Ancillary data such as location information, velocity tables, field statics and elevations can all be incorporated to produce a complete data set. Our vectorizing processes include:
  • Automatic vectorizing of seismic traces with options for peak tracking with clipped peak interpolation and trough tracking (full waveform vectorizing)
  • Interpolation of trough values if no troughs are displayed
  • Optional trace reconstruction for poor quality displays
  • Basic processing including filtering, mute, automatic gain control (AGC), trace mixing and trace interpolation

    iO Data and our partners work with significant volumes of geophysical data, enriching the value of datasets for clients in the exploration industry


    Together with OvationData we transcribe more than 500,000 tapes and cartridges every year for oil and gas exploration companies. We are experts in re-mastering seismic data and specialise in well tape and seismic tape transcription.

    Revitalising and protecting your data assets

    With the most comprehensive selection of tape drives and devices, our equipment supports more than 60 years of technology. We transcribe data from histo rical tape media to the current industry standard media. We can copy data in any format, onto any media type and incorporate real-time quality control.


    Frequent technology advances in data storage have resulted in a multitude of media types for storing data. Some of these media types, and the equipment for reading the media, are fast becoming obsolete. iO Data converts your data assets from older media to newer media, ensuring longevity and accessibility.

    Our skilled technicians perform data conversion processes using our extensive inventory of equipment and our propriety software to ensure the highest quality output.

    The SEG data format specifications (SEG-Y, SEG-D) and the acquisition formats (2D, 3D, land, site surveys, well logs or other) contribute to cataloging and storage decisions.

    Our knowledgeable technicians assess the data for the most suitable options. Identifying and addressing cataloging errors throughout the conversion, we improve the quality of the catalog and the data.


    iO Data's data duplication software and hardware facilitates bit-for-bit, direct tape copy, complete duplication, sub-setting and file selection from any media type. We are prepared to duplicate your geophysical data for a second site, joint venture sharing, disaster recovery, risk management initiatives or any other duplication purpose.
  • Bit-for-bit, byte-for-byte duplication
  • Continual 24-hour processing system
  • Quality control and validation including MD5 message digest algorithm for file comparison
  • Detailed reporting and documentation including EBCDIC header and trace processing reports

    Working with 2D and 3D seismic data sets covering large geographical areas can be difficult to navigate with efficiency. Well-defined subsets simplify the analysis activities and reduce the time required for loading and interpreting the data.

    Using mapping and seismic validations, we produce precise subsets from any form of seismic data to match any project requirement. We create subsets based on in-line or cross-line ranges, shot point ranges, coordinates, polygons, or depth ranges.

    Our thorough understanding of coordinate systems ensures the integrity of the data in relation to the datum and projections.


    Our software separates the samples to produce the best possible result from complex data


    All seismic data formats including SEG-A, SEG-B, SEG-D, SEG-Y, RODE and TAR.


    Well data formats including LIS, LAS, DLIS, BIT and LISTIF


    All data formats including UKOOA, ASCII, EBCIDC and TIF.


    After completing data processing, we perform critical validation activities and ensure the output data is clean, correct and useful. Our approach is custom for field data and processed data.

    Our quality control includes procedures for the tape, and other media, to ensure structural integrity, functionality and correct labeling.

    Validation and quality control include:

  • Tape status report for quality control pass and fail with explanation for deficiencies.
  • Summary report for each output media and file, listing total files and associated details
  • ASCII text file with the EBCDIC header for each SEG-Y file Near trace and shot gathers
  • Detailed written report Set of image files identifying the output media

    iO Data has extensive experience and success recovering and preserving data from compromised media. After extensive research into detecting and recovering damaged data, we developed custom equipment and techniques. Together with OvationData we design and manufacture containment units for treating stiction-afflicted tapes. The units include a variable temperature control, thermal cut-out protection, air circulation fan and external temperature gauge to maintain the temperature range. Our units maintain a custom environment with precision controls for the particular level of deterioration and brand of tape.


    Create a safe copy of your critical and valuable data offline. Safe, reliable and cost-effective. Many individuals store their data only on their computer at home, and perhaps some are uploaded to the external cloud, but we hear more and more instances of cunning hackers or ransomware. All types of data in poor solutions remain at risk. Your data can be delivered to us on magnetic, optical media, or directly uploaded to our secure cloud. Your data will be stored offline which eliminates ransomware or any other attempt to compromise your data.