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How can training of employees in the area of Records Management save your company’s reputation?

In 2016 I made a quite intensive study into this topic as part of my MSc in Records & Information Management. Reading through my papers again I clearly see that my findings are still relevant today.

There are still companies neglecting the training of employees in the area of Records Management. Few companies have a strategic plan when it comes to training. Risk analysis in the field of Records Management turns out to be performed on a limited level across organizations.

Escalating risks of events creating a loss of data, legal fines, loss of shareholder confidence, damaging publicity, rising costs, and lost productivity are only some of the concerns and threats out there. In today’s heavily regulated business environment, organizations must start to proactively provide training for their employees to avoid all these concerns and pitfalls we have today.

Companies should be concerned about legal and regulatory obligations, to be able to meet these and safeguard against potential breaches against corporate security. A Program for training of employees in both new and updated procedures, laws and regulations and best practices related to Records Management must be made, and regularly carried out. Laws and legislation are changing in a rapid phase, and new ways of doing things are adopted, and the risks by not perform training or risk analysis increases.

To be prepared and to continuously improve skills are vital if you want your company and employees to be one step ahead. Know the laws and regulations in your environment, be an excellent example for other companies and be productive and precise in what you do is essential. This is an effective way of working and brings significant benefits to your business.

I know that these are topics discussed in many companies these days and I hope that their strategies will be put to life!

Tore Joa, VP Sales @iO Data
MsC Records & Information Management