Bulding the digital future

We are pleased to announce that iO Data and OvationData is forming a joint partnership for the Scandinavian market. The partnership was formed following several months of discussions and preparation between the two companies who together have recognized the major synergies that both companies offer each other in the field of data management within the oil and gas related industries.

iO Data will be an official partner and reseller of selected OvationData services and our core strategy is to help customers move their data on to more modern and digital platforms and OvationData will provide global expertise and footprint for iO Data customers. Together we aim to offer the best solutions for remastering, transcribing and hosting seismic and other geodata in the Scandinavian market.

We are very excited about developing the Norwegian market together with OvationData and know we together can lift technology and dramatically reduce cost, says Andreas Heldal-Lund.

OvationData provides sophisticated and scalable data management solutions for customers worldwide. We listen and provide personal service throughout the project lifecycle - from strategy building to deployment and support. OvationData's mission is to preserve, manage, and understand digital data and media; employ past, present, and future technologies to accomplish these tasks, including the transfer or conversion of digital information from one media to another.

iO Data is based in Norway and the founders have 90 years of combined experience from the O&G records and information management industry. Our core business is hosting, conversion, QC, and accessibility of Big Data. Our key goal is to realize the full value of your data by bridging the past and the future.