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Our customer Vår energi and it's plans strategies and execution is completely unrelated and is not in any way associated with the following statements:

For many energy companies digital data, physical tapes, back-ups, and documents is stored both onsite and offsite. More often than not, if the company has some years of operation, the data usually consist of a wide array of datatypes, storage mediums and technology due to mergers, market changes, process and technology development over time. 

This in turn leaves ambitious and forward looking energy companies with a way bigger and more complex data management task than nescessary, – consuming energy, resources, time and ultimately hurting profits and strategies for future growth.

This is exactly what iO-data is solving.   

IO data is helping big international companies to clean-out their current (digital and physical) data. We secure data stored on outdated physical media, data stored on outdated digital filetypes or stored in legacy systems, to make the data available for actual utilization and use for future gain. Inititally this is reducing the storage costs, as well as create a simple environment where energy companies can identify duplicates and data not needed, and facilitate it’s removal and secure destruction. 

iO Data has an efficient process for indexing, organizing and registering all the company content and makes it available in a database called «iO Archive». 

iO Archive is a flexible archiving system that will allow all users in companies to view, track, search, order and download data. The system can handle various datatypes. Ranging from files and reports,to full database export from systems to be decommissioned and from legacy systems. The solution is delivered with Azure Active Directory integration (single sign-on). 

For Oil and gas related companies a future enhancements could be iO Data’s GIS based web interface to enable a direct view of seismic data.

iO Data’s solution offers endless possibilities to integrate with new or older systems, everything to aid you and your company through your plans for digitalization and data utilization.