Liberate, enable and utilize your data, tech and resources

"Everybody talks about the amazing potential in your data and archives.

But, "no one" talks about the process needed to reach the point where this potential can be realized.

We are the exeption..

... it's literally the only thing we talk about. "




Freedom to choose and instantly reduce cost.

Liberate and detach from old technologies. Work in any tech you want, when you want.
Never be dependent on key personnel or third party suppliers to handle your data, libraries, servers and archives ever again (including iO-Data).

Cut expenses associated with digital and physical data/storage by at least 50%.

With iO-data the power is handed back to you. You choose with who and how you work based on your business ambitions, objectives and strategy, not based what your current tech stack or in-house compentency allows and enables.



Your teams can now work seamlessly without the need of internal or external "gatekeepers" and bottlenecks to safely access, manage and use critical data and archives to get the job done.

Different objectives can now utilize the same data with different tools while still maintain coherence in datastructure, formatting and security.


One can only speculate how much time and resources an organization can spend to get someone to find a file, prepare a document or to figure out if an idea is even possible due to the limitiations of your current setup.

According to our clients: it is probably way more than you think!




Now that you have complete and secure access, control and overview, and most importantly: You are not depending on anyone anymore:

Spend your newly released capital and resources elsewhere

Assign resources that was once needed to keep your data and archives "in-check" to other, more productive objectives and tasks.

Delete unnecessary data and documentation (we can help, or ask someone else: your choice.)
For archives, objects and data that you must store, but don't use: move them to a location that is cheaper (You have access to search and navigate digitally anyways)



Whenever new opportunity arises, or you want to leverage new technology to learn more about your own business, or you want to export certain data to a different project: You can.

With a few clicks the world that everyone talks about where "data is the new oil".. is now your world.

Ready to be utilized, accessed and built upon.


You archives, servers, files, documents and historical data that once was holding you back from moving forward and a drain on your budgets..

..Has now become a tool.

A tool for a competitive advantage on all levels:

A tool for better margins, for better resource utilization, for maximizing internal talent, for more flexibility across departments, increased strategic agility and access to even more opportunity.

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