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iO Data is here to help companies build their digital businesses. Only 33% of companies rate their level of digitalization as advanced today, but 70% expect they will get there by 2020¹. This transformation process will be critical for future success.

Our core business is hosting, conversion, QC and accessibility of Big Data. Bundled with Security Audits, Embedded Development, Destruction, Consultancy and Innovation.

We are not held back by ragged technology or old services that are keeping us from recommending the best for our customers. The future is change and we are here to help change the right things.

1 – 2016 Global Industry 4.0 Survey (PwC).


Andreas has worked for 25 years in the records and information management industry. From Database Coordinator, to IT & Operational Director (Norway) and Data Conversions Director (Europe) in an American company. Andreas has a broad managerial and innovation focused style, built on trust in an extensive network and in-depth knowledge of the industry.

Tore Joa is Sales Manager and has the responsibility for sales to both new and existing clients. He has 10 years experience from handling many different scenarios when it comes to Information & Records Management. Tore has worked closely with both public and private industry, notably against the oil & gas market. Tore listens to the client and tailor innovative and cost saving solutions to the clients. He also holds an MSc. in Information & Records Management.

Harald has an MSc. in Geology from the University of Bergen. Harald has acquired 25 years of management experience from operations, sales, services and business development from major oil service, IT and seismic companies (Petrodata, Halliburton, PGS and Spectrum).

Background as an Registered Public Auditor with several years of experience as a Finance Manager in various industries. Frode holds 4 years of experience within projects and operations pertaining to Records and Information Management for both Oil and Gas and Commercial sectors. Other professional areas of expertise include Facility Management, Procurement, Production, Human Resources and IT.

Henning has over 15 years experience with implementing, deploying, maintaining and managing IT services involving large amounts of sensitive and critical data. His focus is using technology to help businesses reach their goals, through innovative and cost saving solutions. He has extensive experience with bridging old technologies with new and finding ways to make data more available to authorized users. Throughout his career, he has worked closely with technology and standards used in Records Management and the energy industry and he has acquired an extensive knowledge of the storage and management of data used by the upstream oil and gas industry. He also has a strong background in IT security – both auditing and remediation.

Steffen has 6 years experience as a seismic data conversions specialist, ranging from remastering and manipulating seismic data and navigation used on the Norwegian continental shelf. The next following years, Steffen worked as IT Consultant, and his responsibilities were to support all business critical systems and tape transcription infrastructure. He also has widespread experience with scripting and programming languages used to simplify internal work processes and develop new innovative solutions.

Johan Kinck holds a Cand. Scient in Applied Geophysics from the University of Oslo, with focus on the seismic nature of the Fennoscandian Crust. He has more than 25 years of experience from the oil & gas industry, including seismic data collection, shallow gas, and drilling hazard evaluation, data management, and G&G applications. He was data responsible in the Hydro/Saga merge of the Geoframe interpretation databases, and handling data room solutions for Hydro. In Spring Energy he was responsible for IT and data management. He has been heavily involved with the Diskos solution, including the work with the "yellow book."

Experience from archive, library and document management, digitalization and IT. Hard working and diligently accurate focused on quality. Responsible for intake of new data and orders in iO Data.

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